Yes! It IS possible to find peace for you and recovery for your loved one.

Welcome to BALM® Family Recovery, a year-long SOLUTION-ORIENTED family recovery coaching and education program.

We help families get their lives back and teach them how to help their struggling loved ones do so, too.

The BALM® method teaches families how to engage their loved ones through evidence-based brief interventions that can encourage loved ones to enter and commit to recovery more quickly.

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The BALM® method helps families shift away from anxious reactivity to calm responsiveness, bringing a new found serenity to the family environment.

This change in family behavior can also help a loved one avoid or shorten slips and relapses.

In the BALM, You Will Learn How To:

★ Stop obsessing about your loved one’s use disorder
★ Stop judging your loved one
★ Stop trying to fix your loved one's life
★ Stop saying things that give your loved one excuses to use

★ Start speaking and acting in ways that encourage recovery
★ Start feeling inner peace again
★ Start enjoying your life regardless of your loved one’s choices

★ Learn the Be A Loving Mirror® secrets for a sane and joyful life for you and your family

Here is what is included:

Quick Start to BALM® Family Recovery

Full access to 12 principles and seven steps lessons (24 hours of video lessons and 2 workbooks)

The Daily BALM®

Over 400 hundred hours of interviews with experts in the recovery field and live twice weekly sessions

7 Steps to
Be A Loving Mirror

8-week live course and buddy sessions to practice what you are learning


Individual Coaching
Group Coaching

Individual coaching weekly +*(Groups Available 3x per week) Journaling, 12 Principles Mindfulness Practices

*Individual/family coaching may include extra sessions during difficult times

Mindfulness Practices

To help you moment by moment

Weekly Call List
for BALMers

Tells you what is available when


Become a part of our ongoing community of information, transformation, and support through the ups and downs of your loved one’s and your
family’s journey for one full year.

Benefit from our dual approach: Get YOUR life back AND help your loved one get their life back!

Establish within yourself the solid foundation of BALM tools and skills to build a lifetime of strong and powerful family recovery!


6 months coaching option includes 12 months of BALM® and up to two full coaching sessions per week for 6 months.

1 payment of $6000

3 months coaching option includes 12 months of BALM® and 12 coaching sessions (one session per week)

1 payment of $4200

Pay in full for our unlimited option (not counting sessions, the contract lasts 1 year and includes one year of BALM® Family Recovery Education Program)


4 Month Payment Plan for One Year of Coaching and BALM.

4 Payments of $2500 - interest free if completed in four months

Or need help with payment, scholarship, etc.?


Families who go through our program often find themselves able to get their own lives back, able to contribute consistently to their loved one’s recovery, able to powerfully partner with their loved one’s treatment providers, thus serving as true advocates of their loved one’s recovery.

Read what Families and BALM coaches have to say...

"I have spent so much money enabling an addiction but I knew this time the money spent was going to bring about a great reward…my own peace. It is the best investment I’ve ever made! I am worth it. My son is worth it."

- Ginger Howard, a BALM® Parent

"In the BALM, I’ve learned how to be the peace I want to see in my family. I’ve learned my daughter is not weak, irresponsible, short on faith, or any other shaming attribute often cast upon our loved ones. I’ve learned I can absolutely love her unconditionally right where she is on her journey. I’ve learned to speak to her with facts not emotions, hysteria, or judgment. I’ve remembered what it’s like to just have fun with her without any expectation of what I want her to be doing with her life. And most of all I’ve learned the choice is always mine – I can choose drama and chaos or I can choose peace and love. I can choose to contribute to her SUD or to her recovery. I can choose to cut her off or love her unconditionally. I choose life and love and therefore I choose the BALM!!."

- Lori Bolen, BALM® Coach and recovering family member

"The BALM has opened wide the doors towards recovery and clearly maps out the path to be in purpose and to purposefully share the love and the peace we have been created to be, and to enjoy. And that is how we are going to be our loved one’s best chance at recovery. I used to think drugs were winning. They don’t. Love does!"

- Joanne Richards, LCSW, Certified Facilitator of The Work, BALM Family Recovery Life Coach