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BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach

  • Being a Life Coach is a powerful, purposeful career path. Being a BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach takes life coaching to a whole new level
  • Using the BALM®’s family recovery curriculum, along with powerful BALM® Coach Training tools, the coach accelerates the family’s progress from the start
  • Once the family member begins to own all that the BALM® and the coaching are providing, serenity is restored, and the coach and family member move toward pure life coaching
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Who is it for:

  • You believe that recovery is possible for the family and the loved one
  • You are ready to engage in a powerful, solution-focused training program
  • You know that love and connection are key 
  • You aspire to excellence in coaching
  • You want to start building your business NOW while engage in deep substantial training
  • You are a BALM® client who aspires to be a BALM® Coach

What you will get out of this program:

  • A viable career path whose time has come!
  • Mastery of the BALM® Family Recovery Program
  • Life Coach and Family Recovery Coach Training and Tools to carry you through a lifetime of coaching
  • Certification in two areas: 12 Principles Facilitation Certification and BALM® Family Recovery Life Coaching
  • The ability to coach anyone on anything
  • A head start toward your goals
  • Acceleration of your own family recovery/recovery journey 
  • Powerful business development training

Here is what is included:

BALM® Mastery:

  • BALM® Mastery (includes the family recovery program)
  • 12 Weekly Gatherings to deepen your understanding of BALM® as a professional
  • 12 Principles Live Facilitation Certification

Coaching Mastery:

  • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Life Coach Training
  • BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach Training
  • Business Development Training for both facilitation and life coaching

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What our coaches say about the
BALM approach

"Being certified as a BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach and a BALM® Family Recovery Facilitation Specialist, I have received far more referrals and clients as classes are often a desirable entry point for families. 
I now have the opportunity to expand what I can do for families through partnering with treatment centers and addiction specialists to offer BALM® courses and coaching, while in return increasing my client base.
Being able to offer courses in-person, as well as one-on-one online coaching, ensures I do not get burnt out doing just one thing. 
Having this dual certification is a win-win!"

Jill Prevas - BALM® Institute Graduate
Certified BALM
® Family Recovery Life Coach
Certified BALM
® Family Recovery Facilitation Specialist

"As I entered the coach training program, I thought that I had myself under control, and I was quite sure that everyone in the program was going to benefit from my years of recovery knowledge and experience. I was in complete denial of the amount of work that was left to be done in my own heart. I was reactive, unpredictable, easily frustrated, and prone to angry outburst, but I had been this way for so long, I just thought it was the best I could do, and the people in my life were just going to have to accept me this way. The 7 Steps to BALM
® changed all of this for me."

Lisa McDonald - BALM Family Recovery Life Coach
Certified BALM® Family Recovery Facilitation Specialist

® brought me so much compassion for my children, especially after learning the stages of change. BALM® has changed my life and relationships. By the grace of God, my son will be 6 years sober in September and my daughter 8 years in August."

Stacey Karchner - BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach
Certified BALM® Family Recovery Facilitation Specialist

"Participating firsthand in how these tools work as well as witnessing the client ‘‘aha’’ moments that come as a result have been awe-inspiring. Learning these effective communications and coaching skills has not only helped in my ability to coach but also in my communication with my loved ones and others outside of the coaching environment."

Polly Stavrou - BALM
® Family Recovery Life Coach
Certified BALM® Family Recovery Facilitation Specialist