Are You Ready for a Solution to Your Family Addiction Struggles?

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BALM Intensive Retreat 101
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The BALM® Method is designed to empower family members with tools and communication expertise that helps family members get THEIR lives back while also helping their loved ones recover.

Attend this BALM® Intensive Retreat and become your loved one’s BEST chance at recovery

What: BALM® Intensive Retreat - Live (In-Person) or Online

When: October 11 - 13, 2019

Where: St. John's Retreat Center Magnolia, Texas

Registration Fee for Live in-person: $300 + room and board ($120/per night)

Registration Fee for Virtual Attendance: $349 per person in the comfort of your own home

You will leave the BALM® Intensive Retreat with:

7 Steps to Be a Loving Mirror – the foundation to becoming your loved one’s best chance at recovery.

A skillset that leaves you feeling renewed and refreshed as you return to the situation that previously had you feeling overwhelmed, full of anxiety and hopeless.

Daily meditation, journaling and yoga to balance your energy and calm your consciousness.

BALM® Intensive Retreat: Transformative Solutions to Addiction 101 Duration: intensive weekend - in person or virtual  

All BALM® Professional Programs begin with the BALM® Intensive. The BALM® Intensive Retreat is designed to immerse Life Coaches, Recovery Professionals and Family Members - whether New or Seasoned “BALMers”- into the BALM® (Be a Loving Mirror) Method. This program is a pre-requisite for all Balm Certification Programs. An experiential journey into the 7 Steps is where it all starts, along with meditation, journaling, yoga and a serene retreat setting with over 70 miles of hiking trails, a salt water swimming pool and a labyrinth for walking meditations. Highlights  

  • Attend in person or virtually
  • A Deep Dive into BALM®
  • Lessons, demos, group work and quiet inner work
  • Manuals and guides included
  • Includes enrollment in the one year BALM® Family Recovery Program 


What does “being a BALMER” mean? I suspect you would get a different answer from almost everyone you asked on any given day. But I think it is just who we become. It is ingrained into our souls and our core. Sometimes it is utilized in life changing ways but mostly it is just small everyday ways of being. How we breathe through difficult and challenging situations, how we choose to respond rather than react, how we instinctively do self-enquiry and challenge ourlimiting/negative thoughts, how we listen deeply to those we love and those we don’t, accepting them for who they are rather than trying to fix/change them. It is in our tone, our thoughts, our words, our actions and our behaviors.

Lucy Tomkins, BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach