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7 Steps to BALM Online Retreat!

Join us for the BALM® Online Intensive Retreat where you will dive into the core of the BALM® Program - The Seven Steps to Be A Loving Mirror - with lessons, demos, group work, and quiet inner work.

You will enhance your experience even more as you participate in meditation, quiet movement, and journaling. Whether you are a family member or a BALM® Professional, you will benefit from the community atmosphere, the BALM® tools, and the loving interaction with faculty, staff, and other participants.

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BALM® Teaches Families
How to Be Their Loved One’s
BEST Chance at Recovery

What: BALM Intensive Deep Dive Retreat In (Online)

When: TBA

Where: in your home and ours - this event is completely online

All-Inclusive Registration Fee

(your workbook is included)  

Registration - $399
$275 for 2nd Family Member
$200 for each additional Family Member

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After November 2, we cannot guarantee your workbook will be delivered before the retreat

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Participant Feedback

“The retreat exceeded my expectations!  The learning and relationships that were made during that weekend were powerful.  The retreat brought us together on a personal level that made us stronger. I walked away feeling more confident in my understanding and my ability to utilize the 7-steps, plus my coaching skills. In addition, it provided an opportunity to build relationships among my peers with whom I can reach out to for deeper discussion as we continue our BALM journey.  It was a win-win weekend!” – Kathy Wrenn, BALM Coach Trainee

“The retreat was all that you stated! Because of the scripting session with one of the coaches at the retreat, I was able to have my first min-intervention with my loved one. I made an appointment with him…He didn’t argue! Thanks to you both for just what I needed!” – a family member participant

“It was so comfortable!” – a family member participant

“I would highly recommend a retreat for a (deeper) experience of the 7 steps. I enjoyed being with other BALMers with all of us at different stages. I think working togeher was helpful when we were all at different stages! I really enjoyed being a coach-in-training and working with a family in one of the last activities.” – coach-in-training participant

“If you’ve lost hope and need a lifeline. Please come to this retreat! You will learn how to be at peace in the midst of the storm and best help your loved one.”  family member participant

If anyone is thinking of training to become a BALM® Family Recovery coach, all I can say is that you will get so, so much more out of it than just becoming a coach. It is a life/game changer. Lucy Tomkins, BALM® Family Recovery Life Coach