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BALM Support for the Holidays Series

Substance Use Disorder and other Use Disorders can wreak havoc on the family unit. This is rarely more apparent than during the holiday season. For families with a loved one in active use the holidays are filled with the same fear and apprehension as every other day coupled with the stress of extended family, travel, and uncertainty of their participation. Families who are blessed to have a loved one in early recovery may be dealing with their own expectations as well as the expectations of extended family, anxiety about the new normal, and fear of triggering their loved one. Regardless of a family's specific circumstances or where they are in their process, The BALM helps keep the focus on recovery for the whole family, including the loved one. Many families shared with us how valuable the support calls were to their family last year and we have heard you. This year, we will be hosting a 4 part series, "BALM Support for the Holidays". Join us as we interview a variety of professionals and families in recovery who will share their tips and experiences about the holidays and how The BALM can help. 

8 Tips to Be Your Loved One's BEST Chance at Recovery During the Holidays 

Dec. 19th 9:00 PM ET (WED)

You can be peaceful amidst the chaos of a loved one's use disorder

Dec. 21st 10:00 AM ET (FRI)

Believe your ears and eyes - not the lies

Dec. 26th 9:00 PM ET (WED)

Communicate with love - The BALM approach

Dec. 28th 10:00 AM ET (FRI)

Discover how to move from enabling to helping

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