International Overdose

Recordings of 2021 Event

Intro and Part 1

Introductory Slide Show

Mike DeForbes joins Bev Buncher to discuss "How to Help Your Loved One Prevent and Recover from Overdose using Motivational Interviewing and BALM Conversations".
Hosted by Marissa Arber

Introductory Slide Show on the Power of BALM Conversations and Motivational Interviewing (Can also be seen in the Intro and Part 1 video) Presented by Beverly Buncher

Part 2

Part 3

Lori Bolen shares her family's journey through multiple overdoses and back, emphasizing the difference in how she approached family SUD and overdose before she studied and began practicing BALM and after, providing sample BALM conversations along the way.

Kathy Tracy shares her own journey of losing her son who had enjoyed 17 months of full recovery before his tragic one time relapse that ended his life. She also shares how finding BALM 2 years later deepened her recovery journey and helped her find her purpose of helping other families facing a loved one's SUD.

Recordings of 2020 Event

Barbara Andraka-Christou

Deb Lewin

Joan and Rose

Bill Guy

Lori Bolen